Slow revolutions

This week saw the first slow workshop take place in the humble city of Pretoria at the Anton van Wouw house.

We (the pretoria hub) have named ourselves the archive of the network and thus have made it our goal over the next few years to document and make available the findings, work and activities of researcherers,  participants and artists of the SLOW network.

What is the Slow Network?

Slow stands for, the social life of waste art and was concieved of the thinkings and discussions of a few dedicated academics at the University of Pretoria and actualised in a visit to Maputo, which is one of the network hubs.

Slow is a network for artists in the four regions of Harare, Maputo, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Each region has a collective of artists which then contribute accordingly but are dedicated to exploring waste in society.

This website is the online database of activities past and future aswell as a point of departure and origin in itself for further public dialogue to begin regarding this fascinating topic.

Thank you, enjoy this.

Slow revolutions

What is SLOW?

SLOW stands for ‘The Social Life of Waste’ and is a collaborative research project between the University of Pretoria, Capital Arts Revolution, Pretoria Street Photography and a variety of other artists based in and around the region of Pretoria focused on working with waste in creative ways. The arts ranging from performance to photography.

This blog serves the purpose of sharing the recorded images and thoughts that will be emerging from the place study during our site visit to Maputo.

I will be representing the collective of Pretoria Street Photography and sharing the work related specfically to image as related to the SLOW art project.

What is SLOW?